Pantea Lachin was born in Tehran, lives and works in Berlin since 2002.
Her research-based visualizations, installations, and video pieces address issues such as identity,
migration, urban affairs, and financialization. In doing so, Lachin raises questions about exclusive
mechanisms and reveals interrelationships to their marginalizing structures, which are rarely visible.
With her artistic practice, she aims to question globally dominant narratives concerning the socio-political
as well as monetary order – to reveal unfamiliar perspectives.
She sees her artistic practice as democratic cultural work – involving self-awareness in the search for
social classification and her response to classism and racism.
Thus, for her, a critical questioning of her own role as an artist in the social system is usually part of her work.
The starting point for her artistic approaches is often her biographical background. She immigrated to Germany
at the age of 10 and grew up in very different cultures and worlds.

I am interested in the role of the arts as a mediator within the system of social production.
And I pursue the question of what functions the visual arts can take on in the society.
After all, it cannot be considered in isolation from the economic and social conditions of its environment,
because it is also part of the system.
Art can help to reveal socio-political contexts and thus contribute to a more conscious classification
of one's own situation (empowerment) and promote the ability to criticize and make decisions in a social context.

2016 – 2017  Further Education in the Field of Art Mediation as Cultural Strategy, University of Erfurt
2012 – 2014  Doctoral Candidate at the Oxford Brookes University, Researching the Subject of
                    Social Sculpture / Joseph Beuys
2001 – 2004  MA* in Visual Communication (Dipl. Des.), Hanover University
1997 – 2001  MA* in Interior Design (Dipl. Ing.), Hanover University
2000             Studies of Product Design, Brunel University West-London
1995 – 1998  Apprenticeship as an Architectural Draftsperson in Hanover

Residencies, Scholarships, Awards (selection)
2021  Artistic Research Grant, Berlin's Senate Department for Culture and Europe
2019  Artist in Residence Program, VA Art Space, Isfahan
2018  Working Scholarship, Berlin's Senate Department for Culture and Europe (Künstlerinnenprogramm)
2017  Award Winner, SEA(S) ART Award
2017  Scholarship Holder, docu-class of docx!, Duisburg
2017  Artist in Residence Program, Ionion Center for Arts and Cultures, Kefalonia
2015  Funding, Losito.Kressmann-Zschach Foundation
2012  Funding, Goethe Institute Tehran
2010  Funding, Goethe Institute Tehran
2009  Funding, ifa - Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations
2007  Artist Scholarship, DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service
2006  Finalist, art.award 06, ART.FAIR Cologne

Exhibitions, Screenings, Interventions (selection)
2023  Imagine Transparency, Jupiter, Hamburg
2023  VA Space Archive Show, Emrooz Gallery, Isfahan
2022  BLIND VISION, Treptow-Ateliers, Berlin
2021  gegen\archive, Prater Gallery hosted by ACUD Gallery, Berlin
2021  Video Mixtape, Kotti-Shop, Berlin
2020  Uferhallen Manifest, Uferhallen Berlin
2020  Monetary Effects and Social Processes, Kotti OnAir,
2020  Audio Feature, documenta studies, Kassel
2020  Audio Feature, Digital Exhibition, Art University Kassel
2019  Künstlerinnenprogramm, Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art
2019  Eigenbedarf, Uferhallen Berlin
2019  FUTURE III, Art Festival 48h Neukölln, Leises Rixdorf, Berlin
2019  Labyrinth, Hasenheide, Berlin
2018  In Situ, International Art Fair Skopje, Macedonia
2018  Ufer Open, Uferhallen Berlin
2018  Neue Echtheit, 48h Neukölln at KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Berlin
2018  Postcardese, Zangene Art Gallery, Hamedan
2017  Assembly Line, Tarahane Azad Gallery, Tehran (Solo)
2017  SEA(S) ART, Ionion Center for Arts and Cultures, Kefalonia
2017  Shadow, Art Festival, 48h Neukölln, Berlin
2017  Postcardese, Aknoon Art Gallery, Isfahan
2016  Auditive White, Outside Pluto, Berlin (Solo)
2016  Re...Collection, 48h Neukölln at High-Res!, Berlin
2016  Foreign Affairs, Citizen Art Days, Berlin
2015  I Cant Read, G A S Station, Berlin
2015  Deine Bilder, Outside Pluto, Berlin (Solo)
2015  Video Snack, Regina Rex, NYC
2014  Winter Video Art, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran
2013  Open Sesame, in Cooperation with J. Gaussi, apexarts NYC
2012  Forum Agenda 12, Social Sculpture Process, Free Museum Berlin
2012  Earth Forum, Diaspora > Paradiso, 48h Neukölln, Gallery Art-Uhr, Berlin
2011  Typography in Contemporary Art, Museum of the Printing Arts, Leipzig
2009  Khat Keshi, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
2008  Urban Jealousy, 1st Tehran Biennial, Istanbul
2008  Type Through Our Dimension, Tarahane Azad Gallery, Tehran
2008  eMOTION, G A S Station, Berlin
2007  kodama, WineSpot Brooklyn, NYC
2006  ART.FAIR, International Fair for 21st Century Art, Cologne
2005  Typosonic, Museum of Contemporary Art, Ingolstadt
2004  Filesharing Art Space, Berlin (Solo)

Talks, Lectures, Workshops, Art Mediation (selection)
2022/09  Workshop, Classism, SPI Foundation, Maedea Berlin
2021/02  Talk, Right to the City in Wedding, Uferhallen, Berlin
2020/12  Talk, Contemporary Art and Gentrification, Art University Kassel
2020/07  Talk, City for Everyone?, United We Talk, Berlin
2020/07  Walk, the Process of Urbanization in Biesdorf, City (Un)limited, Schloss Biesdorf
2020/05  Talk, Artistic Visualization and Financialization, Disruption Network Lab Berlin
2019/10  Talk, Artwashing, Gentrification and Racism, Aquarium Berlin
2019/05  Workshop, Artistic Art Mediation, Foundation for Education, Mühlhausen
2019/03  Artistic Art Mediation, Art Dialogues, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Isfahan
2018/01  Talk, Alternative Methods Toward Artist Autonomy, Aknoon Art Gallery, Isfahan
2017/11  Lecture, Artistic Educational Strategies, University of Erfurt
2017/10  Workshop, doku.klasse 2017 at doxs! in Duisburg
2017/09  Workshop, Artistic Art Mediation, Thuringian Association of School Development Instutition, Jena
2017/07  Workshop, LIT:potsdam, Literature Festival Potsdam
2012/05  Workshop, Type in Motion, Studio Tehran (with Farhad Fozouni)
2012       Lecture, Typography in Contemporary Art, University of Arts, Hanover
2011       Lecture, Motion as a Communication Tool, University of Arts, Hanover
2011/05  Talk, Typography in Contemporary Art, Museum of the Printing Arts, Leipzig
2011/04  Workshop, Type in Motion, HGB – Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig
2010/10  Workshop, Kinetic Typography, Vije – School of Visual Communications in Tehran
2009/05  Lecture and Discussion with Ruedi Baur on Experimental Typography, Gallery designtransfer, Berlin
2008/05  Lecture, New Media, Alzahra University, Tehran
2007       Lecture, Experimental TypeDesign, University of Arts, Hanover
2006/10  Lecture, Interactive Media, Islamic Azad University of Fasa, Shiraz

Projects (selection)
2018 – 2021  Co-Founder, Kunstblock and beyond, Berlin
2015 – 2018  Outside Pluto, a non-profit, independent project/art space in Neukölln, Berlin
2012 – 2014  Forum Agenda, artistic practice within transformative processes, free museum, Berlin
2012 – 2013  Blackboards research, visualization of transformative, artistic processes, Berlin

Videography (selection)
The Adventure of Hormuz  HD-Video, Color, 2021, 13 min, Video Essay
Foreign Self-Image  HD-Video, Color, 2020, 27 min, Experimental Video
Die Wir  HD-Video, Color, 2018, 30 min, Video
Breeze  2-Channel HD-Video, Color, 2017, 39 min, Experimental Video
Ben Berlin   Color/SW, 2016, 90 min, Experimental Documentary (with S.Swobodnik)
Foreign Affairs  German Refuge-Stories, HD-Video, Color, 2015, loop
Re...Collection  HD-Video, Color, 2015/2016, loop
The Right Track  HD-Video, Color, 2015, 1′ 50″
Enchanted Forest  HD-Video, Color, 2014, 1′ 5″
The Red Series I-III  HD-Video, Color, 2013: Illusion 5′ 50″; Aura 1′ 40″; Assimilation 3′ 30″

2019  DOK.fest, International Documentary Film Festival, Munich
2016 – 2019   48 Stunden Neukölln, Art Festival, Berlin
2016  Citizen Art Days, Art Festival, Berlin
2016  new berlin film award, Achtung Berlin
2015  49. Hof International Film Festival

Contributions, Press (selection)
2022  Saure Zeiten – newsletter by Sibel Schick, October Column: Art and Solidarity
2021  On educational prospects and class obstacles, dishwasher magazine p12–14

2020  Eigenbedarf - Negotiating the city with artistic means, Book p72–73 LINK

2019  Visualization, Open Secrets, Eigentum & Alltag, nGbK Newspaper p4–5 LINK

2019  Art Mediation with Kids, a Report LINK

2018  Interview with Gerald Pirner on the Audio Installation Auditive Image LINK

2017  Talk, Artistic Approaches and Migration LINK

2016  ZITTY, Berlin City Magazine, Best of 48 Stunden Neukölln p76

2013  Enlivenment, Published by the Heinrich Böll Foundation p63

2013  FICTIONAL MEMOIRS, Motto dustribution, Book p61 LINK

2011  Garteh, Iranian Analytical-Research Magazine, Report (Persian, English) LINK

2010  Garteh, Interview (Persian) LINK

2008  Tandis, Iranian Magazine - Issue 128, p11
2008  Mashgh-e Aftab, Iranian Magazine - Issue 8, p38
2007  die gesellschafter, Newspaper p15
2006  INSTANT special, Magazine p10–11

*According to World Education Services, a German Diploma is equivalent to having earned both U.S. bachelor's and master's degrees.